The SAPE Association is an experienced network of consultants dedicated to working with youth, educators, parents, and community members to create a circle of support for positive youth development and learning. SAPE has received recognition nationally and from the State of Michigan for the quality of its program development, personalized services in trainings, technical support, and support materials.   Schools that function as effective professional learning communities to develop a positive school climate, and utilize brain-compatible instructional strategies provide their students with a learning environment that promotes their healthy development and academic success.  

SAPE's Mission

SAPE is an education organization promoting a safe and healthy school community that supports the emotional, mental health, and academic success of youth. We train and provide technical assistance to adult learners and youth leaders, focused on the "tone at the top" of the school community and grassroots youth interactions to positively impact the structural supports to youth inside the school community system.

SAPE Consultants

Calhoun Intermediate School District
Cindy Cook
(269-789-2413 or cell: 269-209-3504)

Eaton Intermediate School District
Sara Lurie
(517-543-5100, ext. 1111)

Macomb Intermediate School District
Nancy Buyle

Optimal Learning, LLC
Dee Lindenberger

Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency
Kathy Gibson